Traveling with (lots of) make-up... Blogs made me do it!

What? Didn't you gather by the title what happened to me on my vacations?

Well... nothing special... Just all THESE in a suitcase!!! arghhhhh....

And believe me they were even more on the way back home... ooopsssssss... :P

Happy Autumn my friends!!!

Many many kissez your way!!!


NOTD with Beauty Line Cosmetics colors!

Hallo lovely ladies and good month of August!
I saw a great number good comments on the nail polish on my last monthly favorites so here is a NOTD with this one!;)
I am talking about Beauty Line Cosmetics' number 330 nail polish and it is here combined with an other polish of the same company in the color 349- a reallly bright yellow!
So here it is 

I didn't made the design myself as I am too clumsy! A friend of mine, Joe, did it!
I used O.P.I Original Nail Envy as a base and Mavala ColorFix Top Coat! 
Hope you liked it as much as I did!
If you know of any other color that makes you say WOW as these two do to me let me know!!!;)
Many kissez your way!


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