Summer loves pt.1... Coral!

June 06, 2011

Good morning lovelies!!

Just because we are undergoing summer in the city doesn't meen we cannot kick up our coral heels-lips! ;)

(Joe Cocker - Summer In The City)

These are my coral loves in the form of lipstick!

Cool Coral by E.L.F.

Hibiscus (L.E. Cremesheen) by MAC

Ravishing (Cremesheen) by MAC

Coquette (85), Rouge Allure by Chanel

And swatches...
Swatches on lips

Swatches on hand (NC25), natural light

Swatches on hand (NC25), with flash

Do you like coral lipsticks? Which are your favorites?

Wishing you all a great week!!!

Many kissez your way!

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21 enlightenments!

  1. Καλή εβδομάδα! I am not really into corals after all :p the only coral shade i wear often is rimmel's tell no one, which is like a muted coral

    Mac's ravishing looks scary to me XD

    Kisses :)

  2. Mental note to self: if they ever re-promote hibiscus run to a MAC counter!!!
    Great swatches hun!I love corals...!My two favorites have to be the MAC tinted lip conditioner in Gentle coral and a "17"(a U.K. brand) lipstick in Peace(from their mirror shine line).
    Kalh evdomada kai apo emena!! :)

  3. I love coral in everything!!! And especially in lipsticks! Great post ζουζουνα! Φιλακιααααα!

  4. Καλή εβδομάδα!

    I have a love/hate relationship with coral lipsticks... They look so pretty in the bullet but most of the times I chicken out from wearing them... Hot pink lipsticks, that's another story, haha!

    Oooh, love the combo lip swatch! I've never seen it before!

  5. Hi! Corals are my passion especially in the summer!! I love everything coral from cheeks to lips to nails!! Hibiscus is amazing!!! x

  6. μου αρεσουν παρα πολυ οι κοραλλι αποχρωσεις για το καλοκαιρι!
    απο αυτα που επελεξες μου εκανε ιδιαιτερη εντυπωση αυτο απο chanel <3 <3
    θα το τσεκαρω!


  7. I see hibiscus in my coral colors from sheer to bold to matte finishes...

  8. ahh you were able to snatch up hibiscus huh? it looks good!

  9. Ravishing looks gorgeous!!Have to check!!and yayy for coral!!


  10. Thanx 4 stopping by beautiful ladies!!! Many kissez to all of you!!! =)))

    @Anastasia.. καλημέρααα!!! =) I’ll check out Rimell’s too!! ;) don’t be afraid of colour!!! =) Kisses!!!

    @Athina.. ahaaaa… run run run! Maybe there is stil some in Athens-u know notos and attica both have counters now!;) How come I haven’t seen Gentle coral yet? Hmm… have to correct iy! ;)) xx

    @Korina.. ain’t they great! Have to love corals!!!;) Thanx honey! xx

    @cbsg5861.. καλημέρααα!!! =) They are pretty damn good looking, I have to agree! Don’t chicken outtt!!! Try it and tell how you feel with such great shades on!;) I thought of this combo swatch so as to show u their similarities/ divergences!;) thanx 4 ponting it out!!! xx

    @ Christina.. ax… summer luv indeed!!! ;)

    @Mairyliscious.. guess what I adore them too!! ;)

    @caramellitsa.. =) check it out if u can! And bear in mind that with an lip pencil underneath is absolutely divine –and long lasting! ;)

    @Demi.. Today I am seeing it at my mirror! Hehehehe a bit bold for morning but I luv it!

    @kellyyes.. yes although I didn’t get it at first! On my second visit to MAC after its release couldn’t bear to leave it.. ;)

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece.. Ravishing is my first ever MAC lipstick! Wore it all last summer and still inlove with it! ;)xx

  11. το coquette φαίνεται τέλειο! έχω κάνει διάφορες απόπειρες για κοραλλί κραγιόν, συνήθως καταλήγουν πορτοκαλί ή σομόν στα χείλη μου, οπότε τελικά τα ανακατεύω κ κάνω συνδυασμούς, πχ coral reef bobbi brown/ orange mac /cream orange shiseido

  12. auta ta korali einai ERWTAS KALOKAIRINOS !!!
    teleia ola ta xrwmata!!

  13. Τα κοραλί κραγιόν το Καλοκαίρι είναι τέλεια και ειδικά με το μαύρισμα ταιριάζουν τέλεια!!
    Τα 2 της MAC καταπληκτικά!!

  14. @stella.. =)το hybiscus της MAc είναι το πλέον κοραλί που έχω πάντως... κ μένα τα άλλα δείχνουν προς το πορτοκαλί πάνω μου νομίζω... =)

    @FashionSugarBubbles.. κ με τις λέξεις σου αυτές μου έρχεται κ τραγουδω ναραναναρανανανα (κάποιο καλοκαιρίνό τραγουδάκι πρπ να είναι)... =)

    @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα..ε ναι!!! σου λένε θέλω επειγόντως διακοπέςς!! ;)

  15. Tο hybiscus της MAC φαίνεται τέλειο!! Νομίζω το αγαπημένο μου κοραλί κραγίον είναι το Coral του Κορρέ. Είχα κι ένα της Nivea που μου άρεσε πολύ αλλά δε θυμάμαι όνομα.

  16. what a great sun! skeftomai pos an akoume kai exoume etsi kalokairini diathesi tha figei afti i rimada i sinnefia!
    i love the first set of shades! i want a bright lipstick too!

  17. wow ti orea kragion!
    kai ego exo adinamia ta kragion, kathe mera agorazo kai agorazo :D

    check out my blog


  18. Hey sweetie,

    Good to see ya too! Loving the cool coral shade! They're all gorgeous!


  19. @NatalieDouka.. μάλλον θα πρπ να κοιτάξω κ πάλι (ναι ναι με βαριά καρδιά!:Ρ) τα σταντ του Κορρε!;)

    @Tiffany.. είδες που τη διώξαμε τη συννεφιά; σ'ευχαριστώ! =)

    @Lady-Pa.. κάνε κράτει γιατί δεν μας βλέπω καλά! ;)

    @A BRIT GREEK.. They are! Aren't they?! =)) Thanx! xx


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