NOTD , belated NOTV-Day and a surprise..

February 21, 2011

Hello lovely ladies!!!

How are we?

I hope that this week has found everyone as they want to be! ;)

Well although I had taken the photos the day I made my nails I didn't manage to upload it to my laptop earlier so today I will show you my nails as were on the V-day and as they are today as well! =)

On Monday the 14th I decided that I wanted to have red nails (how original!!) so I checked my stash for a red color that would please me. I didn't want anything shimmery or too bold... just a pure red! And I found a polish I had never used, the red one of the "Golden Rose, Paris Nail Lacquer"-labeled as nr.89! It was a gift and I hadn't have the chance to give it a try earlier so I thought let's see! Surprise, surprise! It didn't let me down! 

Even though you cannot really see it at those crappy -excuse my French- pictures of mine, it is a beautiful red!!! I used a coat of OPI Envy as a base, two coats of the 89 and a coat of Healthy Loof Hoof Laquer as a top coat. I topped two nails of each hand with a clear polish with glitter called "nr.69-Christmas Glitter" of the same brand that I bought on the same day. 

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer, nr.69 Christmas Glitter

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer nr.89 Red

As I found out these polishes are of the "cheap" ones- about 2.50€ - but they lasted pretty well for 4 day before they seemed a little cranky and I didn't like the look of them!

Soooo after that I had to go to the beauty shop around the corner and get myself some more colors of the brand-2.5€ only not a thing to think over a lot :P! I got the one you can see at the below pictures that reminded me of a pricey one I had seen at Chanel I think and a green one that I will show you when I use it! I used a coat of OPI Envy as a base, two coats of the 68 and a coat of Healthy Loof Hoof Laquer as a top coat.
Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer nr.68

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer nr.68

What do you think of the colors? I believe that the graphite one has depicted better and therefore you can make out it's beauty!;)

I am hoping that this week I will have some more posts up! 
Wish you a great sennight!!!
Many kisses!!!

p.s. I thought I could share with you the view of Arcadia's mountains as I saw it last weekend during a small excursion.. This is taken at the Mainalo Ski Center! Everything was dressed in white! =)

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3 enlightenments!

  1. i love golden rose. i also loooove the packaging.

  2. Κ γω αρχίζω και την εκτιμώ δεόντως! ;)

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