Skincare that I've been luving this month...

January 25, 2011

Good morning lovelies!!!
This month I've found myself using every morning more or less the same skincare stuff and I thought I could share them with you! =) 

  • Clarins Eclat du Jour energizing Cleansing gel and Clarins Toning Lotion, Alcohol Free with camomile.. They treat my skin really gently!

  • Estée Lauder Idealist.. For my pores and rednesses 
  • Estée Lauder Hydrationist, Maximum Moisture Creme.. My skin gets dry spots during wintertime and I am trying to treat it with some heavy hydra-care!
  • Philosophy Hope in a tube high-density eye and lip firming cream.. I am trying to finish this up so as to start using again one of the Fresh Line eye cremes.

  • La Roche Pocay Anthelios  SPF 50+ Extreme tinted fluid.. Here in Greece we have sun all year round and the damage can be done extremely easy!
And that's it! 
Do we have any skincare products in common? 
Any suggestion for a different routine?
Waiting to hear opinions and recommendations!!!

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5 enlightenments!

  1. I love that you use sunscreen all year round too! ;) Very smart and sensible! :)

  2. =) We cannot do otherwise if we want to keep being healthy.. right? ;)

  3. pos sou fainetai to idealist? is it pore minimizing?

  4. I believe that it is... I was using it 5 or 6 years ago and my friends were always telling me that my skin looked very improved... now I am back using it for one month and I see it again myself...

  5. Tha mou kaneis mia xari Argyro mou? Epeidh psaxnw apegnwsmena antihliako proswpou, tha kaneis ena review gia to La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS XL Tinted 50+
    Sou einai vary? Ti typo dermatos exeis? Synithws otan foraw antihliaki proswpou mou peftoun varies kai den tis anexomai akoma kai otan einai se ygri morfi...Pes mou giati me endiaferei!!!!!


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